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10/1/2013 Holds and paying with plastic: What you need to know!
  Plastic has revolutionized the way we spend money and most of us donít think about the authorization process unless we hit a snag, which can be extremely frustrating and potentially costly.  Get the inside scoop on how making purchases with plastic works here.
11/1/2013 Mortgage Secrets: Owning Your Home Faster & For Less
 Seeing a mortgage amortization schedule for the first time can be confusing and overwhelming.  Fortunately, homeowners who organize their finances and take control of their payment plans can significantly reduce the total number of payments and the amount of interest paid on these loans; learn more about how it works here.
12/1/2013 Phishing Schemes: Donít Get Caught!
 Thieves continuously look for ways to steal your information and they donít have to take your purse or break into your house to get it.  Through phishing schemes thieves convince consumers to voluntarily hand over their valuable personal information every day.  Hereís an explanation of phishing schemes, how to recognize and avoid them, and what to do if you are a victim.
12/23/2013USA Today: Student loan forgiveness: What you don't know (but should)
 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates that one-fourth of the American workforce may be eligible for repayment of loan forgiveness programs, the Associated Press reported last month.
1/1/2014 5 Tips for Saving More in 2014
 The key to saving money is not spending it.  Although this seems obvious, our intentions to save are often foiled when monthly expenses leave nothing "left overĒ.  As you make your fresh start in 2014, try some of these tips to make saving money happen for you.
1/4/2014 USA Today: 10 retirement resolutions to set for 2014
 Most of us haven't saved enough money for retirement, but setting up a plan and avoiding mistakes is critical!
2/1/2014 Protecting Yourself: Fraud Alerts and Credit Freezes
 Consumers who have been a victim of identity theft have the ability to limit and deny access to their credit bureau reports to protect against fraud.  Two commonly used credit protection tools are Fraud Alerts and Security Credit Freezes, and understanding the benefits and consequences of each of these is important when deciding which will best suit your needs. 
2/19/2014 CNN Money: Tax Preparer Horror Stories
  From reporting bogus children to stealing clients' identities, many tax preparers are behaving badly.

In most states, there are no competency requirements governing tax preparers and that is resulting in careless mistakes and outright fraud, a recent report from the National Consumer Law Center found.

The IRS proposed a crackdown in 2011, but a district court blocked the proposal and an appeal of that decision was rejected last week.

As the taxpayer, you're the one who will pay the price if you end up with a bad preparer -- facing fines or even criminal action if you sign off on a fraudulent tax return filed under your name.
3/1/2014 Understanding Financing and Debt
 Many consumers will finance at least one purchase in their lifetime, which means debt will be a part of that process.  Knowing when to carry "good debtĒ and when to avoid "bad debtĒ is an important step to building wealth and securing fiscal stability.  Learn about financing and debt here!
3/10/2014 LA Jump$tart Coalition's Financial $marts for Students and Families Financial Event
 The Louisiana Jump$tart Coalition is bringing free and pertinent financial information to families with high school students, regardless of their school affiliation or parish of residence on Saturday, March  22, 2014.
3/20/2014 USA Today: IRS watchdog: Phone scam is largest ever
 Criminals masquerading as Internal Revenue Service agents have bilked more than $1 million from thousands of taxpayers in the largest such phone scam the IRS has seen, the agency's watchdog said Thursday.
3/31/2014 To the devoted members of Neighbors FCU
 Over the course of the last week, we have experienced significant challenges with our computer systems. I want to assure you that these challenges are being addressed diligently by our internal Information Systems staff as well as our technology partners.
4/1/2014 5 Financial Concepts Kids Should Know By Age 10
 Reflect for a moment about what financial information you wish you had known about sooner.  How did you learn about money?  What kinds of mistakes were made when you first started handling your own paycheck and checking account?  What do you wish you had learned sooner?
4/14/2014 USA Today: Getting a big tax refund may not be a good thing
  Eagerly awaiting your big tax return?  Well, according to some experts, your big payday this April may not be anything to take pride in.



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