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4/14/2014 USA Today: Getting a big tax refund may not be a good thing
  Eagerly awaiting your big tax return?  Well, according to some experts, your big payday this April may not be anything to take pride in.
6/1/2014 Time is money: Compound Interest
 In an effort to save money, we want to see good return on our investments! For every dime we tuck away, we want to see additional returns. So how do we make the most of our cash-stashing efforts? Start early and leave it alone to grow, and then let compound interest work its magic!

6/2/2014 Protect Your Move: Avoiding Moving Scams!
 More than 35 million Americans move each year. The "Protect Your Move" program provides helpful information and resources to help consumers make informed decisions when hiring movers.
6/18/2014 Neighbors Raises Money for Clays for Kids
 Enterprise Holdings Foundation Donates $2,500 to Neighbors Capital Area Foundation!  Enterprise Car Sales has agreed to be a platinum sponsor for next year’s annual Clays For Kids Sporting Clay Tournament which raises money for Baton Rouge Children's Advocacy Center. 
5/7/2014 Neighbors Helps Celebrate EBR's Teacher and Principal of the Year
 Neighbors helped celebrate EBR School System's annual Teacher and Principal of the Year On May 7th!  Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year is an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding performance of the devoted educational professionals in the parish.

7/16/2014 Leo S. Butler Community Center Summer Program
  Children between the ages of seven and fourteen took the opportunity to take the mystery out of banking and learn about accounts during their summer activities this July. 
7/1/2014 Credit or Debit?
 The most common phrase heard at checkout counters is "will that be credit or debit?” but do you know the difference between these two options?  Learn more about what this means and which one is right for you.
4/1/2014 5 Financial Concepts Kids Should Know By Age 10
 Reflect for a moment about what financial information you wish you had known about sooner.  How did you learn about money?  What kinds of mistakes were made when you first started handling your own paycheck and checking account?  What do you wish you had learned sooner?
5/1/2014 5 Financial Concepts for Teens
 As children enter their teens, they naturally begin to assert their independence. While this can be a challenging time for parents, it is also a great time to allow teens to practice the skills they will need to be savvy adults. Knowing how to manage money is critical for financial independence and the better we are with it then the more success we will have with it! Help your teen develop good financial skills by teaching the following concepts.



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