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Neighbors FCU

Below you will find articles and press releases pertaining to Neighbors FCU and our Community Partners.

Community News
4/1/2015 "Wild About Saving" April Kickoff!
April is National Credit Union Youth Month and we are joining in the fun to get wild about saving!  

Almost half of young adults wish that they had learned about the importance of saving money growing up. Saving is about creating a routine of always putting a little money away and not spending everything you have.  
4/13/2015 "Wild About Saving" Prizes
 April's National Credit Union "Youth Saves" month encourages parents to open youth savings accounts in time to win big prizes!  See details now.
6/1/2015 “You have been selected”: Phone Scams
 The number of phone scams increases every year and they are becoming more sophisticated.  Some people lose a small amount of money and others lose their life savings. Here's a list of a few warning signs of a scam.
2/13/2015 BATON ROUGE PARENTS MAGAZINE: Avoiding the entitlement trap
Want to raise a responsible child who doesn't demand constant gratification? Read on for expert tips on curbing a child’s sense of entitlement, from toddler-hood through the teen years.
7/1/2015 Credit Repair: Deal or No Deal?

"We can erase your bad credit – 100% guaranteed.” "Create a new credit identity – legally.” Television commercials, radio ads and spam emails incessantly advise people to "know their credit score” and take steps to improve their credit.  Is repairing credit through a company legitimate? Let’s discuss.

2/1/2015 Credit Worthy: Know how to play the game
Many of life’s important activities require a credit check during the decision making process.  Knowing your credit history is the first step to ensuring that you get a good review regardless of what activities you are pursuing.  Check out these tips below to learn more about how to check on your credit.

3/10/2015 Credit: How to rebuild or build it
 Building and rebuilding credit is one of the hottest topics members have when they come to workshops and classes.  Credit affects many parts of consumer's lives: whether we can get a loan, how much we will pay for that loan, and bad credit can even affect clearance levels in some professions.

Read more about building and rebuilding it here!
8/3/2015 Don’t Break the Bank on School Supplies

A new school year is near.  You’re thrilled the kids will be out of your hair but dreading the late night homework problems. Either way, new books and clothes are required before the first bell rings. According to the National Retail Federation, families spent an average of $669.28 on apparel, shoes, supplies and electronics in 2014.  Here are a few tips to save some cash when loading up on rulers and construction paper:

5/26/2015 website launched by the Federal Trade Commission
 The Federal Trade Commission launches new website aimed at helping consumers cope with identity theft.
3/1/2015 Making your tax refund work for you
Tax season is already upon us and Americans everywhere have big plans for their refunds.  For many adults refund season is better than Christmas!  Before setting your mind on one purchase consider making your refund really work for you.  

Here are some ideas to use this money to set 2015 up for financial success.
5/4/2015 Neighbors Federal Credit Union Celebrates National Credit Union Youth Month

Neighbors is thrilled to announce that in the month of April, 54 youth share accounts were opened, 701 members under the age of 18 made deposits and $273,359.49 was deposited into youth accounts. 

4/23/2015 Neighbors Highlights: Spring 2015
 The spring of 2015 has been packed with financial empowerment outreach!  Reaching people when and where they need us it key to helping our community’s financial well-being!
9/1/2015 Rent or Buy? What makes sense for your family?

Maybe you’ve been renting for years to save up for a down payment. Maybe you jumped into home-ownership when your first baby was born. There are lots of factors to consider: family priorities, financial situations, school choices, etc. Either way, it’s always smart to weigh the pros and cons.  

5/1/2015 Secrets behind credit scores and borrowing money
Consumers shopping for credit products are looking for the best interest rate and low monthly payments. Shoppers can use advertised "APR"s to compare financing options from different lending institutions.
Credit scores directly influence the APR available to a consumer and knowing what to look for can save you money.  Get the inside scoop here to make informed decisions with confidence.