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Neighbors FCU


Neighbors FCU Wins 2nd Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award - Thursday, August 2, 2012

Neighbors Federal Credit Union earned their second Louisiana Credit Union League (LCUL) Award in the Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award category for 2012. 

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award recognizes leadership within the credit union movement in regards to youth financial literacy. It considers all activities supporting the personal finance education of young members and nonmembers, including, but not limited to, face-to-face teaching, publicity, lobbying for curriculum requirements, teacher and volunteer training, and promotion and use of educational programs.

The award was named after Alphonse Desjardinsto emphasize the movement's long-time commitment to youth. In addition to founding the first credit unions in Canada and the U.S., Desjardins pioneered youth savings clubs and in-school "banks," known as caisses scolaires.

In 2010 Neighbors took first place with their "Nate the Squirrel” financial education workshop designed for early childhood and elementary education students.  This year, the "Get Real Budget” workshop designed for middle school students placed second in the League’s annual competition. 

"I wanted to give students real-life experience with money management that also used the skills they are developing in the classroom: math, critical thinking and reading comprehension. Students learn how to make a monthly budget by pulling financial information given to them on a set of ‘Life Situation’ cards, very much like we adults have to do every day.” said Ann Marie Erie, Neighbors Community Outreach Coordinator.  "The students really get into the workshop and I’m always impressed at how much they take away from the exercise!”

Neighbors FCU was originally developed and nurtured by teachers 58 years ago; this foundation in education and service to others remains the credit union’s driving force and guiding principle. Neighbors is honored to be recognized for service in and to the community.