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Neighbors FCU


Neighbors Spends a Semester with Baton Rouge High School - Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The students at Baton Rouge High School will be spared the financially expensive learning curve that generations before them experienced learning money management. Thanks to the creative encouragement of Mrs. Wheatley whose classes are learning about financial institutions, types of accounts, financial tools, business economics as well as employment skills and interviewing techniques which will help students build a solid foundation. They are also delving into the financial and employment basics every young person needs to be money smart and financially savvy.

 Neighbors became involved with the class as a guest presenter invited to explain how financial institutions and money tools can be a foundation for building credit and saving money. Later that same afternoon another student requested a workshop on a different topic and since then Neighbors has been a partner in developing the students’ financial well-being.

 "I enjoy speaking with Mrs. Wheatley’s classes; they are attentive, respectful and interested in learning,” said Ann Marie Erie, Neighbors’ Community Outreach Coordinator. "The ability to share information which will help them avoid the financial pitfalls that I experienced after high school makes me feel like I am really helping these students have a brighter financial future.”

 Neighbors regularly brings financial education to students of all ages in classrooms all over the Metro Baton Rouge Area. If you’d like Neighbors to present to your class, email Ann Erie at