Celebrating You! Fourth Quarter Milestones! | Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Celebrating You! Fourth Quarter Milestones!

Celebrating You!

Neighbors has more than 260 employees, who work incredibly hard to make our members feel like family each and every day. Every quarter, we make time to gather together and recognize some of their incredible accomplishments and milestones.

And, we had lots of the Neighbors Family to celebrate their first career milestone in the second quarter of 2019!  Please join our executive management in congratulating them all!

20 Years of Service


Career milestonesVa – 20 years Consumer

Valerie Pierre – 20 years Collections

Bill Anderson (not pictured) – 20 years IS

10 Years of Service

Career milestones

Richard Mackay – 10 years Coursey

Kristi Thornhill – 10  Virtual Teller Center

Bradley Heber (not pictured)- 10 years Perkins


5 Years of Service

Career milestones

Ashley Francois- 5 years Port Allen

Joeseph Tilley – 5 years Howell

Tori Williams – Talent Development

3 Years of Service

Career milestones

Deloris Anderson-Poellintz – 3 years Contact Center

Delmis Blanco – 3 years E-Commerce

Imie Gallow – 3 years Commercial Lending

Ethan Lacombe – Virtual Teller Center

Ilekia Perkins – 3 years Support Center

Jehan Washington – 3 years Virtual Teller Center

Kayla Washington – 3 years Collections

Tamika Williams – 3 years Contact Center

Krystle Wilson – 3 years Collections


First Year of Service

Career milestones

Michael Blakes – 1 year Accounting

Fierra Franklin – 1 year Virtual Teller Center

Alexandra Hamp – 1 year Perkins

Shaynell Jacobs – 1 year Virtual Teller Center

Brittney Morris – 1 year Lending Call Center

JaQueshia Wells – 1 year Goodwood

For anyone interested in joining our incredible team check out our openings!