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Schedule of Fees and Charges


NFCU Fee Schedule - Effective 08/01/2023

ACH Reclamations$2.50
ATM Withdrawals
(Except for Neighbors FCU locations)
$1.00 per transaction
Bad Address$10.00 per month
Basic Checking Account Fee$10.00 per month
Below Minimum Fee
(Total average monthly deposit balance below $500 with no active loan.
This fee does not apply to accounts owned by members under the age of 25
or members with any Neighbors Plus account, Free Cash Back, Mascot, or Basic checking accounts)
$6.00 per month
Below Minimum Fee for Dividend & Dividend Plus Checking
(Applied monthly if average daily balance falls below $1500)
$6.00 per month
Below Minimum Fee for Wealth Checking
(Applied monthly if average daily balance falls below $50,000)
$25.00 per month
Cancel Stop Payment$3.00
Convenience Fee for Payment by Phone - Live Representative$15.00
Convenience Fee for Payment by Phone - Self Service Phone or Website$4.95
Dormant Account Fee
(No activity for 24 months)
$5.00 per month
Escheatment Fee$50.00
Filing and Recording FeesActual Cost
Foreign Item Processing Fee
($20 per item plus any additional pass through fees)
$20.00 plus actual cost
Membership Fee$5.00
Money Market Below Minimum Balance$10.00
Money Orders$1.00
Notary - Auto Loans$35.00
Notary - Boat Loans$45.00
Notary - General
(up to 3 signatures)
Official Checks
(to 3rd parties)
Official Check Stop Pay$15.00
Overdraft Fees - Courtesy Pay
(Max Overdraft Fee and NSF/Courtesy Pay (Paid) applicable to overdrafts created by check,
in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means)
Plus Checking Fee
(Classic Plus, Dividend Plus, and Mascot Plus Checking accounts)
$4.95 per month
Replace Lost Debit/ATM Card$10.00
Research/Processing Fee$35.00 per hour plus actual cost
Returned Item Fees - Non-Sufficient Funds or Insufficient Funds
(NSF/Courtesy Pay (Returned))
Savings & Extra Savers Withdrawals/Transfers
(In excess of 10 per month)
Signature Guarantee Fee$25.00
Skip-A-Pay fee
(by request - terms apply)
Stop Payment Presentment$19.00
Stop Payment$10.00
Tax Levy Processing$25.00
Wire Transfer Domestic (Incoming)$10.00
Wire Transfer Domestic (Outgoing)$20.00
Wire Transfer Foreign (Incoming)$10.00
Wire Transfer Foreign (Outgoing)$40.00
If you have any questions or would like more information about the Neighbors FCU fee schedule please feel free to contact us.