On-Going Fraud Alert
It has come to our attention that some individuals are attempting to exploit our members through fraudulent text messages (SMS) and phone calls, claiming to be representatives of Neighbors Federal Credit Union. Protect yourself
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Advocate for Credit Unions

Make Your Voice Heard by Supporting Credit Unions!

Credit unions are financial cooperatives which provide important financial services to people with a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. As one of 108 million credit union members in the United States, you have immense power and influence!

Together, we have the power to curtail excessive regulations that hurt members like you. Excessive regulation in Washington impacts credit union members by:

  • Costing members an average of $71 per year in credit union resources
  • Leading to higher costs and longer wait times for mortgages and loan applications
  • Increased difficulty in providing products and services

We are asking the over 75,000 members of Neighbors Federal Credit Union to make your voice heard now! Tell Congress we need common-sense regulations that allow local institutions to decide what is best for its members and communities!

To learn more about these issues and to take action now, please visit: Common Sense Regulation