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2/10/2012 East Baton Rouge Student of the Year
  Seventy-four school sites' Students of the Year were nominated for the district-wide awards, and the three who walked away winners are representative of the best and brightest in our School System.
5/1/2012 Fantastic Plastic: Making Cards Work For You!

Plastic cards are everywhere and they are used for everything!  From adults with credit cards to kids with gift cards, plastic has permeated our lives so knowing about the various cards can be a real benefit!

5/17/2012 East Baton Rouge Teacher of the Year
 Teacher of the Year celebrates the outstanding performance of EBR teachers. So many teachers deserve recognition for their dedication to student learning, and choosing a winner is difficult considering the wonderful qualities all the nominees possess.
6/1/2012 Monthly Parents Magazine Article - "Teaching Youth About Money"

Each month, Neighbors contributes an article to Parents Magazine on a financial education topic.  As parents, we must balance giving children what they want while providing the knowledge they need to be financially responsible adults.  Often the experiences that teach us are the ones that test our resolve, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Your young adult’s future financial success can be enhanced by allowing them to experience real-time decision making, prioritizing and sacrifice as youth with their own earned money.

7/1/2012 The Informed Cosigner! What it really means...

Cosigners are being asked to take a risk that the landlord or lending institution is not willing to take, so carefully consider the character and financial trustworthiness of the person you are guarantying.  Be sure that you can afford to pay this debt and that you want to accept this responsibility.

7/28/2012 Neighbors Helps EBR Schools Celebrate "Back 2 School" Expo!

EBR’s inaugural "Back 2 School Expo” was a huge success!  Attendees learned about school web sites, registration, attendance policies and transportation routes.  Also available was information on school lunch applications with nutrition information, as well as resources for the magnet and gifted and talented programs.  The event provided over 500 people information that will help them start the school year off with great success!

8/1/2012 Monthly Parents Magazine Article - "Building Credit Safely"

Credit cards, when used responsibly, are a great way for consumers to build credit.  It’s ideal for people who are just starting out with building a credit history as well as those who are recovering from a major life event like illness, bankruptcy, divorce or job loss. Secured Credit Cards are a great way to quickly open the doors to building credit.

8/2/2012 Neighbors FCU Wins 2nd Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award
 Neighbors Federal Credit Union earned their second Louisiana Credit Union League (LCUL) Award in the Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award category for 2012.  In 2010 Neighbors took first place with their "Nate the Squirrel” financial education workshop designed for early childhood and elementary education students and this year the "Get Real Budget” workshop designed for middle school students placed second in the League’s annual competition. 
9/1/2012 Monthly Parents Magazine Article - "Avoiding Fraud and Identity Theft"

Identity theft is rampant and over 9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year.  Knowing how to prevent your personal information from being stolen is the most important step in stopping the problem and keeping your good name in tact.

9/12/2012 2012 Financial Literacy Boot Camp
Neighbors is not only a proud sponsor for the 2012 Financial Education Boot Camp held in conjunction with the Louisiana Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, but we are also an active member of the Steering Committe responsible for coordinating the event! 
Over 100 professionals from across the state came to learn about free financial education curriculum and resources available to educators for use in their classrooms.  In order to respect the educators' time out of the classroom, the training took place in a period of one day where intense training was delivered to attentive teachers and instructors.
Check out the full press release which includes speakers and topics here!
9/26/2012 Social Security Statements Available Online
The Social Security Administration makes reviewing benefits and viewing your statement available online! 
9/27/2012 Neighbors Brings Innovation To Members!

BATON ROUGE, LA. – Neighbors Federal Credit Union is forging ahead with members’ needs in mind!  With new online tools and mobile applications, Neighbors FCU is proud to provide the latest technology our members need to securely manage their finances.

10/1/2012 "Secrets of Credit Scores and Borrowing Money"

Each month, Neighbors contributes an article to Parents Magazine on financial education topics.  Credit scores are the numerical gauge of a person’s financial trustworthiness; this number directly impacts a consumer’s access to credit or borrowed money and how much that borrowed money will cost.  Learn more about how your credit score is calculated and the influence it has on your bottom line.

10/22/2012Neighbors Helps Students Plan A Brighter Future

Neighbors Federal Credit Union gives students preparing for careers a head start with money management.  Since 2009, ITI and Neighbors have partnered to bring financial education to students enrolled at the college.  Students cover banking accounts and account features as well as money management, budgeting, credit and credit scores in their session.  All workshops are designed to improve the financial capabilities of students who will be entering the workforce when they complete their studies.

11/1/2012 Get In The Spirit Without Breaking The Bank: Staying on track for the holidays!

Fall is here and it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner!  Family gatherings and holiday festivities will be your main focus, by planning ahead now you can keep holiday spending in check without wiping out your hard-earned financial gains made this past year.

11/2/2012 Pat's Coats for Kids Officially Underway
 In 24 years, "Pat's Coats for Kids" and the Baton Rouge community have together collected more than 195,000 coats to meet the challenge of keeping the children in our area warm during the winter.  Neighbors is once again a proud sponsor.
11/10/2012Neighbors celebrates "Member Appreciation Week"

Neighbors has celebrated our members with a special week of "Thanks” during our annual "Member Appreciation Week” since 2008.  November 5th--10th highlighted our gratitude with treats and several prizes at all of our branches.  Get the details here:

11/29/2012Financial Advice I Would Give My Twenty-Year-Old Self

The old adage is that "hindsight is 20/20” holds true for most people when reviewing financial decisions made during our late teens and early twenties.   Think about what you would do differently; which decisions were smart and which ones were costly.  Read how one Certified Financial Planner reviews her youthful spending and reflects on what she would have done if she could speak to her twenty-year-old self.

12/1/2012 Wrap Up Christmas and Open a New Year
  The end of 2012 gives us the unique opportunity to debrief our holidays and set a realistic spending plan for the 2013 holiday season. Get some ideas on how to take inventory on this year's holiday spending and use them to plan ahead for next year.
12/20/2012Checkout Fees: Consumer Rights and Retailer Responsibilities
New fees may be coming to a cash register near you.  Soon you could start seeing a new retailer surcharge, or "checkout fee," when you use your credit card to buy goods and services.
12/26/2012Neighbors Offers Helping Hand This Christmas
 Working with Catholic Charities, Neighbors Federal Credit Union adopted four less fortunate families in hopes of making this holiday season one they would never forget.
1/1/2013 A New Outlook for a New Year!

As you make your New Year’s resolutions, remember to include your financial well-being on the list.  How much we think we spend is often different than the amount we actually spend; some categories are underestimated while others are overestimated.  These easy money-tracking steps will help you make a budget, or financial plan, that works for you.

1/14/2013 Neighbors Employees Help Out The United Way
 Neighbors employees pledged over $4,400 to the United Way as part of their annual fundraiser. 
1/22/2013 Investment Basics
Why exit strategies are the most important part of investing (and how to determine yours).
Check out this article by CU Content!
1/29/2013 Area Credit Unions Raise $25,000 for Charity
 Campus Federal, Pelican State and Neighbors Federal Credit Unions raised more than $24,700 for Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital by hosting the 9th Annual Credit Union Charity Golf Tournament at Santa Maria Golf Course in Baton Rouge. This year’s donation was the highest in tournament history.
2/1/2013 Credit Where Credit is Due

Credit is an unavoidable part of our lives and your credit history impacts your financial well being as well as your career; get the details here!

2/8/2013 Great credit score? Think again!

Consumers are encouraged to "know your credit score", but it is more complicated than that!  Get more information here!

2/24/2013 Neighbors, in partnership with LA Jump$tart Coalition, Makes a Homerun at College Goal Sunday!
 Neighbors FCU, member of the Louisiana Jump$tart Coalition, helps bring added value to the College Goal Sunday event, for high school graduates entering college, hosted by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Aid (LOSFA) at the Baton Rouge Community College campus.
3/1/2013 Preparing Young Adults for Self-Sufficiency

Preparing young adults for self-sufficiency involves a family working and planning together in order to make a smooth transition from living at home to living independently.  Some basics to help families start the process are outlined here!

3/11/2013 Neighbors FCU Bestows "Neighbors Way Awards"

Neighbors has been celebrating winners of the Neighbors Way Award with public and parochial schools across the nine parishes surrounding the Baton Rouge area.  Winners exemplify Neighbors Core Values of integrity, service, respect, trust, stability, honesty, efficiency, empathy, ethical behavior, fairness and community involvement.

3/15/2013 Neighbors Honored in Credit Unions Helping Credit Unions!
 Neighbors helps another smaller credit union set up to serve teachers in their area!
4/1/2013 Savings Strategies: Keep Your Money Longer!

People are seeking creative ways to keep more of their hard-earned cash and adding new savings strategies to your financial tool box will help you keep more of your money! Check out these ideas and start saving today.

4/15/2013 Neighbors Solves the Mystery with Youth Savings Week!

The National Credit Union Association celebrates the annual Youth Savings Week this April 22nd- 27th, and Neighbors’ "Savings Sleuth” game encourages young members to see how easy and fun saving money can be!

4/17/2013 Survey Shows 50% Of High School Seniors Don't Know Student Loan Costs!
Nearly half of high school seniors in the U.S. don't know how much money they will need for college, and even more don't understand basic student loan terms, according to CUNA's first annual High School Student Borrowing Survey.
4/23/2013 Neighbors Spends a Semester with Baton Rouge High School

Neighbors became involved with Baton Rouge High School as a guest presenter explaining how financial institutions and money tools can be a foundation for building credit and saving money. More students requested workshops on different topics and since then Neighbors has been a partner in developing the students’ financial well-being.

4/30/2013 Neighbors Branch Workshops Bring Financial Education Home!
 Neighbors is dedicated to the financial well-being of the communities we serve, and bringing financial education to all of our branches is just one of the ways we prove it!  Covering a variety of topics, we strive to answer your financial questions and help you build a better financial foundation.
4/30/2013 Super Glue Latest ATM Skimmer's Weapon!
Super glue is the latest tool thieves have added to skim personal identification numbers and leave with your debit or check card at ATMs!
5/01/2013 Inflation and Your Money
 We often hear about inflation and its effects on the purchasing power of the dollar, but what does inflation really mean, how does it affect money and why is it important?
6/1/2013 High Pressure Sales: Deal Or No Deal?

We’ve all heard about high pressure sales tactics and many of us have even endured them.  Avoid being caught off-guard and check out these tips to help save time, money and avoid being trapped.

6/5/2013 "Day at the Capitol"
 Neighbors' partner, Louisiana Jump$tart, held their annual "Day at the Capitol" to focus on the need for financial education for adults and students.
6/21/2013 "Debt Relief" Firms Misleading Student Loan Borrowers
CNN Money: Firms offering student loan "debt relief" are deceiving borrowers into paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for access to free government programs, according to a recent consumer watchdog report. 
7/1/2013 Protecting your identity!

America has a growing identity theft problem and no one is immune to the threat because thieves target people of all ages, even children. Understanding identity theft and knowing how to protect your information is critical to avoiding future hardship and loss.

7/10/2013 Neighbors Partners with Big Buddy on Summer Programs
 Neighbors and Big Buddy proudly announce success with two summer projects: Level Up! and Lemonade Day!  Both programs teach valuable life and business skills which impact the success youth experience as they develop into adulthood. 
7/18/2013 Neighbors Branch Workshops Bring Financial Savvy to Everyone!
 In an effort to reach people where they live and work, Neighbors brings financial education workshops to everyone in the community.   Workshop topics are chosen to meet the needs and concerns of everyone in the community.  No matter where you are in life, money is a topic of interest and we are here for you!
8/1/2013 Becoming Wealthy: Adopting the Money Mindset For Personal Gain
  Have you ever day-dreamed about winning the lottery or inheriting a fortune?  What would you do? Financial planning may not be your idea of celebrating, it would mean that you’ll have money for the long haul.
8/9/2013 CNN Money: The Social Security mistake that costs retirees thousands
 While many retirees claim their benefits at the age of 62, holding off can often result in an additional hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.
8/12/2013 Need a New Car? Your Credit Union Membership Gives You Three Great Ways To Save
 Get special pricing and financing on your next General Motors vehicle through your credit union!
8/19/2013 USA Today: Scam offers entrepreneurs help on documents
  Everyday consumers aren't the only ones who are targeted by scam artists.  Small businesses and corporations are now getting hit by solicitations for preparing so-called required corporate records.
9/1/2013 Compound Interest: Making the most of your money!
 Compound interest is the key to making your saving strategy productive.  Learn more about compound interest and "The Rule of 72" here.
9/12/2013 Denham Springs Welcomes Walker High School Tour!
 Mr. Ledoux's class got the "behind the scenes" look at the Denham Springs branch which brought their financial education class to life!
9/23/2013 Money Matters: A Financial Education Event Coming Oct. 5th 9am-2:30pm
 Get your financial questions answered by experts at the Money Matters Financial Education Event!  Michelle Singletary, the Office of the Attorney General, and partners with Equifax and SWBC Investments cover what every consumer needs to know about managing money, paying down debt, credit, credit scores, current fraud schemes and investing.
10/1/2013 Holds and paying with plastic: What you need to know!
  Plastic has revolutionized the way we spend money and most of us don’t think about the authorization process unless we hit a snag, which can be extremely frustrating and potentially costly.  Get the inside scoop on how making purchases with plastic works here.
10/16/2013Neighbors wins CUNA Excellence Award
 Neighbors Federal Credit Union in Baton Rouge was recently honored with an Excellence Award, which recognizes innovative solutions optimizing credit union performance.
11/1/2013 Mortgage Secrets: Owning Your Home Faster & For Less
 Seeing a mortgage amortization schedule for the first time can be confusing and overwhelming.  Fortunately, homeowners who organize their finances and take control of their payment plans can significantly reduce the total number of payments and the amount of interest paid on these loans; learn more about how it works here.
11/13/2013Louisiana Budget Project Advocates for Payday Lender Reforms!
  The Louisiana Budget Project (LBP) is advocating for legislative reforms on high-interest payday lenders which drain the pocket book of the poor and the state.
11/21/2013NFCU Pays Off $3,000 Worth of Member's Debt!
  For the last six years, Neighbors Federal Credit Union has celebrated Member Appreciation Week each fall.  This year was no different with their, "Destroy Your Debt" theme. 
12/1/2013 Phishing Schemes: Don’t Get Caught!
 Thieves continuously look for ways to steal your information and they don’t have to take your purse or break into your house to get it.  Through phishing schemes thieves convince consumers to voluntarily hand over their valuable personal information every day.  Here’s an explanation of phishing schemes, how to recognize and avoid them, and what to do if you are a victim.
12/3/2013 Female Home-Ownership Has Outpaced That of Unmarried Men
  Single women have been purchasing homes at twice the level of single men since 1999, and the trend has roughly held steady since then.  Get tips on how to make this a successful venture, what you need to know about keeping your home and how to make the right decision for you.
12/23/2013USA Today: Student loan forgiveness: What you don't know (but should)
 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates that one-fourth of the American workforce may be eligible for repayment of loan forgiveness programs, the Associated Press reported last month.
1/1/2014 5 Tips for Saving More in 2014
 The key to saving money is not spending it.  Although this seems obvious, our intentions to save are often foiled when monthly expenses leave nothing "left over”.  As you make your fresh start in 2014, try some of these tips to make saving money happen for you.
1/4/2014 USA Today: 10 retirement resolutions to set for 2014
 Most of us haven't saved enough money for retirement, but setting up a plan and avoiding mistakes is critical!
2/1/2014 Protecting Yourself: Fraud Alerts and Credit Freezes
 Consumers who have been a victim of identity theft have the ability to limit and deny access to their credit bureau reports to protect against fraud.  Two commonly used credit protection tools are Fraud Alerts and Security Credit Freezes, and understanding the benefits and consequences of each of these is important when deciding which will best suit your needs. 
2/19/2014 CNN Money: Tax Preparer Horror Stories
  From reporting bogus children to stealing clients' identities, many tax preparers are behaving badly.

In most states, there are no competency requirements governing tax preparers and that is resulting in careless mistakes and outright fraud, a recent report from the National Consumer Law Center found.

The IRS proposed a crackdown in 2011, but a district court blocked the proposal and an appeal of that decision was rejected last week.

As the taxpayer, you're the one who will pay the price if you end up with a bad preparer -- facing fines or even criminal action if you sign off on a fraudulent tax return filed under your name.
3/1/2014 Understanding Financing and Debt
 Many consumers will finance at least one purchase in their lifetime, which means debt will be a part of that process.  Knowing when to carry "good debt” and when to avoid "bad debt” is an important step to building wealth and securing fiscal stability.  Learn about financing and debt here!
3/10/2014 LA Jump$tart Coalition's Financial $marts for Students and Families Financial Event
 The Louisiana Jump$tart Coalition is bringing free and pertinent financial information to families with high school students, regardless of their school affiliation or parish of residence on Saturday, March  22, 2014.
3/20/2014 USA Today: IRS watchdog: Phone scam is largest ever
 Criminals masquerading as Internal Revenue Service agents have bilked more than $1 million from thousands of taxpayers in the largest such phone scam the IRS has seen, the agency's watchdog said Thursday.
3/31/2014 To the devoted members of Neighbors FCU
 Over the course of the last week, we have experienced significant challenges with our computer systems. I want to assure you that these challenges are being addressed diligently by our internal Information Systems staff as well as our technology partners.
4/1/2014 5 Financial Concepts Kids Should Know By Age 10
 Reflect for a moment about what financial information you wish you had known about sooner.  How did you learn about money?  What kinds of mistakes were made when you first started handling your own paycheck and checking account?  What do you wish you had learned sooner?
4/14/2014 USA Today: Getting a big tax refund may not be a good thing
  Eagerly awaiting your big tax return?  Well, according to some experts, your big payday this April may not be anything to take pride in.
5/1/2014 5 Financial Concepts for Teens
 As children enter their teens, they naturally begin to assert their independence. While this can be a challenging time for parents, it is also a great time to allow teens to practice the skills they will need to be savvy adults. Knowing how to manage money is critical for financial independence and the better we are with it then the more success we will have with it! Help your teen develop good financial skills by teaching the following concepts.
5/7/2014 Neighbors Helps Celebrate EBR's Teacher and Principal of the Year
 Neighbors helped celebrate EBR School System's annual Teacher and Principal of the Year On May 7th!  Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year is an opportunity to celebrate the outstanding performance of the devoted educational professionals in the parish.

6/1/2014 Time is money: Compound Interest
 In an effort to save money, we want to see good return on our investments! For every dime we tuck away, we want to see additional returns. So how do we make the most of our cash-stashing efforts? Start early and leave it alone to grow, and then let compound interest work its magic!

6/2/2014 Protect Your Move: Avoiding Moving Scams!
 More than 35 million Americans move each year. The "Protect Your Move" program provides helpful information and resources to help consumers make informed decisions when hiring movers.
6/18/2014 Neighbors Raises Money for Clays for Kids
 Enterprise Holdings Foundation Donates $2,500 to Neighbors Capital Area Foundation!  Enterprise Car Sales has agreed to be a platinum sponsor for next year’s annual Clays For Kids Sporting Clay Tournament which raises money for Baton Rouge Children's Advocacy Center. 
7/1/2014 Credit or Debit?
 The most common phrase heard at checkout counters is "will that be credit or debit?” but do you know the difference between these two options?  Learn more about what this means and which one is right for you.
7/16/2014 Leo S. Butler Community Center Summer Program
  Children between the ages of seven and fourteen took the opportunity to take the mystery out of banking and learn about accounts during their summer activities this July. 
8/12/2014 Neighbors wins Desjardins Award
 Neighbors wins their third Desjardins Award in five years for outstanding financial literacy program development!
8/14/2014 Practical Money Skills: Budgeting Back to School
 As summer comes to a close, it's time to sharpen those fresh pencils and prepare for school starting again. But perhaps the most important back-to-school item you'll need is your budget. Take a look at these tips for creating – and sticking to – a back-to-school budget.

9/1/2014 Before it's too late: Recognizing and avoiding phone scams
  The phone rings and an automated voice states that your account has been compromised.   Worried that you might be a victim of fraud you must decide whether to share personal and account information.  Is this a phone scheme designed to steal information or is this a legitimate attempt to contact you about fraud?
Learn more about what to do here!
9/1/2014 How to build or rebuild credit
 Building credit has become a very popular topic and consumers want to know more.  How do you build credit?  What if you have no credit or bad credit?  How do you change your situation and start building credit? 

Get these answers and more!
9/2/2014 Consumer-Action: Hotline Chronicles: IRS Calling? absolutely Not!
 Consumer Action is receiving information from consumers about calls and voicemails about bogus IRS calls.  Learn more about avoiding IRS scam calls here!
10/1/2014 Developing financially independent teens
 As children enter their teen years and their autonomy grows, parents try to prepare them for success as adults.  How will your teen learn financial responsibility and independence?  Do teens listen to parents anymore?  How can parents impact their teen’s financial development?  The good news is that parents are more influential that they realize!  Some tips to guide you are listed below:
10/1/2014 Practical Money Skills for Life: Here's Credit 101 for Your College Freshman
  This article written by Jason Alderman gives parents tips about how to help their college freshmen learn about money and credit.
10/9/2014 Neighbors Federal Credit Union Participates in Statewide Initiative to Boost Local Business Sales through ‘CU Lunch Local’

(Baton Rouge, LA) – Be it lunch at a local deli or a shopping at a neighborhood store, Louisiana credit unions are being called to show their support of small businesses with cash. Neighbors Federal Credit Union is just one of many credit unions in the area putting money back into Louisiana’s economy by participating in ‘CU Lunch Local’.

10/23/2014USA Today: 10 Best ways to save money
 USA Today explores ways to save money and your budget in this article.  Learn more about the many options to fix up your finances, and these will have the greatest impact
11/1/2014 Ways to pay this shopping season
  As the holiday season kicks into high gear shoppers are at the stores with a variety of payment methods including cash, plastic and checks.  Each of these payment methods has benefits and possible drawbacks, so pick one that fits your style. 
11/12/2014Community Outreach
 Neighbors works hard to be a partner in the community we serve and we constantly strive to help improve our members' well-being.  See some of the activities we've been up to lately.
11/14/2014Neighbors Federal Credit Union Member Appreciation Week 2014
Neighbors Federal Credit Union (NFCU) will have a week-long celebration of our members on November 17-21. We will begin the week giving away air fresheners in the drive-through and cookies in the branches on Monday.
12/1/2014 Planning for Christmas
 Christmas is right around the corner and family gatherings and holiday festivities will be the main focus of the season.  By planning ahead, you can keep holiday spending in check without wiping out all your hard-earned financial gains made this past year.  Get some tips to make the season shine even brighter here!
12/10/2014Practical Money Skills Budgeting: Holiday Budget Center
 It's the time of year for giving gifts, entertaining, hosting holiday parties – and for many, overspending and financial stress. Setting a realistic holiday budget and making sure to stick to it are the first steps to a more affordable and less stressful season. Use the tips and tools below to enjoy the season without letting holiday spending get the better of you.
12/11/2014Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Spotlights Concerns with Medical Debt Collection and Reporting
 Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a report that found medical debt has a significant impact on consumer credit, as 43 million Americans have overdue medical debt on their credit reports. Read the CFPB article here.
1/5/2015 Wrapping up the holidays and planning for the 2015 season now!
 As we stow away the holiday decorations and vacuum up after the Christmas tree, this is the best time to take a moment to prepare for a successful 2015 holiday season.   A little planning now will reap big rewards in just twelve months, so check out these tips to make this year even better than the last! 
1/22/2015 IRS: Six tips on who should file a 2014 tax return
 Most people file their tax return because they have to, but even if you don’t, there are times when you should. You may be eligible for a tax refund and not know it. This year, there are a few new rules for some who must file. Here are six tax tips to help you find out if you should file a tax return.
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4/1/2012 Central Branch Grand Opening
 Neighbors is proud to announce the relocation of the Central branch to a new, larger full-service branch, located at 10338 Sullivan Road, Baton Rouge, LA.



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