Port Allen Drive-Thru Has Reopened | Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Port Allen Drive-Thru Has Reopened

Port Allen’s New Facelift Is Complete!

Neighbors is committed to providing the very best for our members. So we have upgraded our drive thru to improve your service. We think you’re going to enjoy it.

We installed our Live Teller system added to the drive thru. This system has reduced wait times and sped up services at many of our other locations. The service features an actual Neighbors teller located in Baton Rouge on the screen. So, the personal service you have come to love at Neighbors will be the same.

ITM - Live Teller System

This system is designed to take out the tedious aspects of banking, which allows our teller to focus exclusively on you and your needs. So, no more clunky tubes and deposit slips to fill out. Just scan your ID, and you are good to go.

This opens up plenty of fun moments like this!

It should feel more like talking with your neighbor and less like banking!