Spirit Week 2018 | Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Spirit Week 2018

Our team had a great time celebrating Spirit Week last week. Team Impact did an outstanding job orchestrating five themed days to make Neighbors a fun place to work! That’s has a lot to do with why Neighbors was recently named the eighth best credit union to work for.

Spirit week lead to a lot of fun moments for our members too. Check out this interaction from our Live Teller system! Spirit Week featured five themed dress-up days and infinite fun for everyone involved!

Monday: Decades Day

Tuesday: As Seen On TV

Wednesday: Halloween

Thursday: Tacky Tourist Day

Friday: Flannel Friday.

Our team got to vote on costumes for our executive management. It was a tight race but in the end, Minions won out!

Halloween Costumes

We also took a vote on our best Halloween costume and the virtual teller center’s monopoly board won!

Halloween Costumes

Take a look at the rest of our pictures from Spirit Week below!


Decades Day

As Seen On TV


Tacky Tourist Day

Flannel Friday