Touching Moment: Pammi Receives Military Retirement Flag

Touching Moment: Pammi Receives Military Retirement Flag

If you have ever enjoyed your time in a branch at Neighbors, odds are Pammi Bains had something to do with it. Pammi, our VP of Retail Services, has been with Neighbors for more than 30 years. She has worked tirelessly to provide our members with quality service both behind the scenes and on the front lines.

Her passion for service is something we’re lucky to have at Neighbors Federal Credit Union.

This weekend, Pammi received an honor we felt needed to be shared.

Her nephew, Vick, retired from the Navy as a Master Chief after 30 years of service. When he left India as a child, Pammi raised him as one of her own here in the United States. When a military member retires, they are presented with a retirement flag.

Vick decided to give the flag to his aunt, Pammi. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we think these are worth quite a bit more.

Pammi Bains
Pammi Bains Reaction After Being Given Her Nephew’s Military Retirement Flag


Bains Family Ceremony
MC Bains Military Retirement Ceremony


“Words can’t describe the feelings of honor and gratitude I felt at that moment,” Pammis said.  “I am so proud of him and thankful to him and all the other service men and women who sacrifice their lives and families to keep us safe.”

Neighbors is proud to have such incredible employees like Pammi that value our military so deeply!