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Do you really need a real estate agent? Can't you just sell or buy a home on your own? Join Kim and guest Vernay Sanders, of Keller Williams, as they discuss the benefits of using a real estate agent. From what real estate agents can offer you to how to find the right agent for you, Kim and Vernay cover what you'll need to know. Listen Now

Proof of Insurance

Proof of Insurance

Questions about Proof of Insurance? Check our FAQs below.

Submit your information and verify your insurance coverage here 

Why did I receive a notice about providing proof of insurance?

Your loan agreement requires you to maintain comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle for the term of your loan. We require you to provide us evidence that you have obtained acceptable insurance coverage as outlined in the loan agreement.

What Is Acceptable Insurance?

Insurance Declaration showing the following:

  • Comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • Deductibles for comprehensive and collision (not exceeding $1000 as set by Neighbors FCU).
  • Credit union listed as loss payee/lien holder as follows:

Neighbors FCU
Attn: Insurance Department
PO Box 924622
Fort Worth, TX 76124

  • Correct collateral description, including the year, make, model, and complete VIN.
  • Borrower/insured name.
  • Insurance company name.
  • Policy number.
  • Coverage effective/renewal date.
Other ways to submit your insurance policy


Fax – 877-403-3190