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App Center

Neighbors is dedicated to bringing our members the latest in mobile banking. On this page you will find a suite of apps designed to make your banking experience with Neighbors as convenient as possible. No matter where you are or what time of day, your Neighbors are never farther away than your phone.



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Mobile Banking

Access your checking and savings accounts whenever and wherever you need. View your balances, make transfers, pay bills and deposit checks right from your smartphone or tablet.

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Card Management

Card Management lets you take control of your debit card by giving you the ability to define when, where and how your card is used. Simply download the Card Management app to your smartphone, then customize your usage settings and alert preferences to manage your cards.

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Neighbors Plus powered by BaZing

Neighbors Plus customers can now redeem local coupons and online deals right from their phone. Simply present the coupon on your mobile phone to the retailer to instantly save. Get your discounts on the spot without paying for deals in advance. Only members of Neighbors Plus can use the app
and access these deals.

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Mobile and online banking best practices

Setup Process

  1. When nicknaming accounts, remember to use letters and/or numbers – no special characters and no spaces. A hyphen is not considered a special character and can be used.
  2. If you are not receiving your initial activation code please contact your cell phone provider:
    1. Request advance technical support and inquire if any messages have been blocked from 61539
    2. If so, request that the block be removed


  1. It is recommended that you have unlimited internet access and text packages. Neighbors FCU is not responsible for charges accrued due to excessive mobile internet usage.
  2. If your phone cannot access the internet but can receive texts, select text messaging options only.
  3. When accessing the internet via your cell phone it is important to make sure you clear history, clear cookies, and clear cache to ensure your banking information loads without timing out. These options are normally located in your browser or internet settings.


  1. Your login information is the same information used to access your online banking account.
  2. You can successfully enroll via Online banking on your PC.
  3. You can successfully enroll via your mobile phone; if your browser supports our online banking service.
  4. Proceed to the “Account Services” tab, “Requests” and “Mobile Banking Enrollment” to enroll in Mobile Banking.
  5. If your device is locked out it does not mean your online account has been locked. You will continue to be able to access your online account even though your device has been locked.

Password Protection

  1. Protect your password and do not give it to anyone.
  2. Do not write your password where it can easily be found.
  3. Prevent others from seeing you enter your password.