Account Services

A full suite of account services designed to make your financial life easier.


Direct Deposit

The fastest, easiest way to deposit your paycheck. Funds are deposited into your account electronically and are available to you immediately. To establish your Direct Deposit you will need to provide your employer’s payroll department with the Neighbors FCU routing transit number (265473317) along with your 13 digit account number and type of account.

  • Government Direct Deposits – For government checks such as social security or federal pensions please call the Social Security office at 1-800-772-1213 and ask to sign up for direct deposit. You can also visit

Automatic Transfers

Allows you to transfer money periodically from one Neighbors account to another, including loans. Transfer funds to multiple accounts at any time.

Direct Pay

Make loan payments from one financial institution to another. Transfer funds from your Neighbors account to pay a loan at another financial institution or vice versa.

Courtesy Pay

An optional account service which allows for the clearing of checks, electronic items (ACH) and debit card transactions when funds aren’t available in your checking account. $20 fee per item.

Overdraft Protection

Avoid overdraft fees by transferring funds from your savings account or line of credit in order to cover items that would otherwise overdraw your checking account.

Ordering Checks

You can order checks in any of the following ways:

We do not offer starter checks but we do offer a debit card instantly at any of our branch locations.