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It has come to our attention that some individuals are attempting to exploit our members through fraudulent text messages (SMS) and phone calls, claiming to be representatives of Neighbors Federal Credit Union. Protect yourself
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Bill Pay

FYI: Bill Capture is Here!

With just a few taps, Bill Capture with Snap-to-Pay converts paper bills into electronic bills using a supported smartphone camera and our mobile money app. This is used to make the experience of adding a payee or paying a bill from your mobile device quicker and easier.

Bill Capture Product Highlights:

  • Digitizes paper bills
  • Uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract bill information automatically
  • Provides consistency with e-Bills experience
  • Quickly and effortlessly set up a new payee and/or complete a payment in under 30 seconds by minimizing manual data entry
  • Consolidate all electronic records – e-bills and paper bills within the account profile
  • To Do list acts as prompt to schedule payments for unpaid bills, managing payments and avoiding late fees

Streamline with eBills

An eBill is an electronic version of a printed bill that you can view and pay online! Streamline your bill paying routine and enjoy these benefits:

  • Friendly to the environment
  • The convenience of viewing and paying on-the-go
  • Consolidation of records in one place
  • Secure delivery to your bill payment center in Online Banking
  • Email reminders so you never miss a payment

Download the Neighbors app today!

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Mobile Money

Access your checking and savings accounts whenever and wherever you need.
View your balances, make transfers, pay bills and deposit checks right from your smartphone or tablet.

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