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Women’s Empowerment Program

A program for single moms & female-led households

You are always one decision away from a totally different life

  • Are payday loans draining your wallet?

  • Is your bad credit standing in the way of getting what you really need or want?

  • Would you like FREE financial counseling to help live your best financial life?

Help to improve your financial well-being through access to:

  • Financial Education Workshops
  • One-on-One Financial Counseling
  • Incentivized Savings Accounts
  • Free Checking Accounts
  • Affordable Loans

Attend a free WEP (Women’s Empowerment Program) orientation in-person at the East Baton Rouge Public Library Main Branch or attend virtually.

Orientations will be held at 6 PM on the first Thursday of each month:

Click to register for in-person or virtual attendance.

*In-person sessions are limited to 75 attendees.