Gift Card Scams

Are you aware of how successful gift card payment scams can be?

Gift cards, while serving an important role at the retail level, are also increasingly being used by scammers to monetize their efforts. Frequently, the profits from these scams can be used to further perpetuate other types of human crime. To make matters worse, gift card scams often target some of the most vulnerable, the elderly population. But there is another element at play. With the emergence of AI, scammers have found new ways to target victims by generating fake content. Scammers are using AI-generated voices to commit fraud, which makes it difficult to differentiate between real and fake.

The Knoble Network and 20 retailers developed a microlearning to awaken people and organizations to the scale of these scams. In this resource, you’ll discover how scammers target their victims and a glimpse into the power of AI.

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