Mascot Madness Is Here!

Introducing Mascot Madness!

We have all heard of March Madness, now get ready for Mascot Madness! We are hosting an online tournament with our 14 Mascot schools! And the winner of the tournament will win $1,500! The runner up will also receive $500.

The tournament will be hosted on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and the games will be conducted through polls. The school with the most votes wins! So, make sure to follow our pages and vote for your favorite school!

Voting starts on March 14! Once the poll is up, you have 24 hours to vote for your favorite school.

We picked our 14 Mascot schools to participate in this contest. These schools are participating in our Mascot Checking program. The Mascot Checking program gives money back to the school for each debit card swipe. In 2018, that program provided $40,985 back to area schools! And on top of that, the Neighbors Capital Area Foundation is providing $30,000 in scholarships to students at these schools.

How great is that?!? If you would like to support your favorite Mascot school, you can get your own Mascot Card here!

Here is the schedule for the games:

Game 1: March 14,  Noon CST Port Allen vs Southern lab
Game 2: March 14,  3 PM CST Central vs Live Oak
Game 3: March 15, Noon CST Lee High vs Woodlawn
Game 4: March 15, 3 PM CST Baton Rouge Magnet vs McKinley
Game 5: March 16, Noon CST Baker vs Broadmoor
Game 6: March 16, 3 PM CST Denham Springs vs Walker
Round 2
Game 7: March 21, 3 PM CST
Game 8: March 22, 3 PM CST
Game 9: March 23, 3 PM CST
Game 10: March 24, 3 PM CST

Final Four
Game 11: March 26, 3 PM CST

Game 12: March 27, 3 PM CST

 Mascot Madness Championship

 Game 13: Mar 29 – Mar 31

Make sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook page to stay up to date (@NeighborsFCU)!

Official rules