Neighbors FCU Surprises Jordan Taylor From Rouses With A New Car

Neighbors FCU Surprises Jordan Taylor From Rouses With A New Car

Webb Shakes Hands With Jordan Taylor
Steve Webb shakes hands with Jordan after promising to provide him with a new car

Last week, Jordan Taylor secured the hearts of millions with his selfless acts of kindness toward an autistic teen. On Monday, Neighbors promised to secure a vehicle for this outstanding young man.

It all started when Superintendent Jason Fountain, asked Jordan to come to be honored at the Central Community School System’s convocation.

Jordan inspired millions recently with his kind acts toward Jack Ryan Edwards, an autistic teen.  Sid Edwards, Jack Ryan’s father and football coach at Central High School, asked his daughter to post a video of this kind act. The video quickly went viral.

Fountain wanted to thank Jordan for his kind actions toward a member of the Central Community by honoring him at the convocation.

Central mascot Visa card
Central High School mascot card

When Fountain asked Jordan if he would come out, Jordan said he would if he could find a ride. Upon hearing Jordan was in need of transportation, Fountain decided to send a text to Neighbors VP of Sales and Service Brandi Cummins.

Neighbors has enjoyed a fantastic relationship with the Central Community School system through our Mascot Program. Last year, Neighbors contributed more than $21,000 to local schools through this program and gave out $15,000 in scholarships to graduates.

So, Fountain thought there was a chance Neighbors FCU would provide a car for Jordan if he asked.

“When Mr. Fountain asks, Mr. Fountains usually gets,” Neighbors FCU President and CEO Steve Webb said at the convocation.

Neighbors FCU was more than happy to extend a helping hand to such an outstanding young man. Jordan acted selflessly and showed kindness with no expectation of getting something in return. We hope that by providing this young man with a vehicle we can inspire others to display such random acts of kindness.

Webb made the announcement at the convocation. You can see the live video on our Facebook page.

More Details

Neighbors will announce the time and place of the presentation of the vehicle soon. If you would like a notification of the event, please email our Marketing Communications Specialist, Preston Guy, at